Security Blanket

Security Blanket

The child slept,

 Completely peaceful

Thumb in its mouth,

Hand clasped a blanket.


The girl watched,

Mind in turmoil.

Fingers combed through her hair,

Hand clenched a pen.


She gazed upon the child, and

Wondered ‘Where is my security blanket?’

Wondered ‘Where are my carefree dreams?’

Wondered ‘Where is the peace of the baby?’


The mother watched both,

Daughter and baby,

And smiled.


She went and hugged the child.

Slowly, she pulled the pen away from the child,

Picked her up,

And put her to bed.


She kissed the child

And the child found the answers.

With the kiss, she

Answered ‘My security blanket is with her,’

Answered ‘My care free dreams are with her,’

Answered, ‘The peace is with the ones I love the most.’ 

The End

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