You say you don’t have them, liar.

There locked up inside, a blazing fire.

I have them, I know.

They scare me, a frost biting snow.

People ask us, we say we`re fine.

No we`re not, we`re at our breaking line.

More lies, they start to build up.

A hard life, sipping stress from a cup.

Hard stress and lies, they start to take their toll.

No one knows about these things biting at you soul.

Your mind turns, you can`t sleep.

Nightmares grow, fear starts to creep.

You`re all locked up, but who has the key?

You take you anger out on everyone you see.

They think you`re crazy, but they can`t see inside.

All your problems that you can`t hide.

More people start to pry open your door.

They`re getting closer to your core.

Someone might have found your key.

You found out now, you must flee.

You can`t run, they start to understand.

Lots of questions, a stress land.

They look at you and ask why?

Yout lock is opened, you start to cry. . .

What do you do next?. . .Lie. . .

The End

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