My secret:

warm, soft, glowing.

An egg of fire.

I place it beneath my pillow,

I capture it in my heart.

It floods my body, toes to finger tips

with joy, with sorrow, with possibility.

It lies inside my dreams,

it rests beneath my chest,

growing and rising as I breathe.


My secret:

fragile, powerful,

delicate, destructible,

unleashed upon the world,

I know it would be met

with equal admiration, equal regret,

with tears and fears,

laughter and pride,

judgement, betrayal,

emotions I can't hide.


But tonight, this secret is mine,

mine and mine alone.

In the coming days, it will become known.

I will not rush,

but trust

that when the day comes

my secret will reveal me, no longer bound,

instead of the other way around.

The End

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