Second Chances

Just writing this cause i miss some of my old friends and was feeling a little down the day i wrote it

We all hope for it but only few can earn the right to be called friend
But what is the term of that word if no one ever believes it in the end
We ask for it when were not really sure how the fate really was seen
But this is the second chance that everyone wishes they would mean

I hoped for a life only to have it still hanging by this thing called hope and dreams
I dreamt of a new life with friends that could see me at my best and worst not with all my screams
If I turned the clock back I wouldnt see the outcome that i have really wanted to live
For this Second chance that i am unable to reach is what i really wanted you to give

I am alone, i am unseen, i am the reason that its hard to wake up the next day
I cannot forgive myself for letting my problems keep me for what i wanted to say
I hope that one day they will forgive me for all that i sin
For this is my plea for their second chance once again

The End

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