Second chance

I’m here,
My eyes closed.

Thinking of you,
sensing you,
Beside me.

Then I know,
It can’t be so.

Because you have moved out…
disappeared for evermore?

Rejoin me,
This is the occasion,
Don’t you miss me too?

I used to bear in mind;
You and ‘our’ love.
At least twice in a day.

And nowadays?
Hah! It’s once in two

barely any difference!

Yes I was wrong!
Just because I yearn for you.
I don’t know what I did,
But yes! I’m wrong.

Aren’t you at fault too?
Forgot the promises,
that we made?

Come what may!

I love you.
Please have a second look at me,
Talk to me!
I fancy you.

Just another look,
Is all I need.


The End

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