Spring; The fall

The angels of the One numbered many, for they were
ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands.
Every angels had a place, evey place had an angel.
Of those, a third joined the lightbringer to earth.

The second were double the number of the first,
while the third were the double of the seconds
an the fourth were the same as the third were to the second,
An so on and on until the seventh circle of angels.

An so, they appeared to the first man and woman.
The oldest of the seventh order appreared first.
"See this fruit you have taken, I have extinguished
it's life so you may feed. For I love you"

Then came the sixth's time to reveal itself.
"See these beasts that prowls the land, the waters an air,
I have created them so they may feed and accompagny you.
I did so because I love thee and thy children."

Thirdly the Nereid revealed itself to the first humans
"Take this gift of water, to quench your thirst and refresh you.
This is my gift to you, so that you may remain well;
Quenched, clean and refreshed. Because I love you."

Next came the angels of fire to appear before them.
"I come to bring you this, the gift of fire and it's mastery.
So that you may be kept warm, never fear the dark again,
An you may cook thy food. For I love you too.

Fifth to appear were the makers of the earth,
"I bring you these gifts, of precious stones and metals,
So that you may forge tools to master the earth an
claim your place. I do so because I love you."

The second order was the sixth to present itself.
"I am here to give you this, the gift of knowledge.
So that you may understand the world an
master it truly. It is because I love thee."

Last to show itself was the first of the first.
"And at last, I come, bringing the gift of power.
To master the world beyond the mind and body.
To claim your place. For we all love thee."

Man and women were shaken by these revelations,
For they had believed themselves to be alone.
But now they knew they had been watched all this time.
They wept in joy at the sight of their angels

The morningstar explained their intent to them,
"We cannot force thee to accept these gifts,
But we could not stand idle as a storm brew in the horizon.
If you wish not for our gifts we will leave forever..."

Touched by the love of their protector, mankind talked.
The woman first accepted the gifts of the Elohims,
the man followed his wife, he could not forgo their love.
The first son agreed but the second turned away.

The angels took the men and woman under their wings,
An at the end of the night, mankind had grown to many,
an so had their mind. But a fourth of them still turned away.
When the sunrise came, so did the loyalist angels.

The End

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