Spring; Of man and woman

In her image, the One Above created them,Man and woman.
An image of power not appearance, God and man were one.
Male and female, she created them, an she blessed them
and called their name Adam on the day they were being created.

But for the first of man was lonely an so he asked for aid.
An so the one, Adonai, created him a mate an she claimed;
"Bone of thy bones, and womb of thy womb; she shall be
called Woman, because she was taken out of man.

An so the one became two, Adam and Eve.
At two they climbed onto the bed,
At four they climbed down, with the first children.
Abel and Cain were they called; the breath and the spear.

The elohim or the One Giver rejoiced at these many gifts,
yet the joy was short lived, for one of the seconds saw dissaster.
He who's name was Ahriman saw a great ill that would befall man
An so the angels of the One Above gathered to talk.

A storm brewed in the ether an all the second knew,
Mankind was ill prepared to face such torment.
So the Elohim debated onto what should be done.
The One had given them orders about all of mankind;

"The seven were to love them as they loved their god,
Mankind had to find it's way, none of the angels may reveal itself,
An none of them could teach to the sons of Adam and Eve.
Of all that lived, Adam and his ewe were away from the reapers."

Of those that convened about the storm, two side broke off;
One believed that loving man was the first law and more important.
One claimed that god knew what to do an they had to believe in her.
The first wanted to help, the second let it happen and so the debate broke.

However, the first of the first came, as an unwelcome figure.
The seraph of dawn, he bore the name of Lucifer and he spoke;
"I speak for mineself, but we shall help the daughters of the One.
So they may live and prosper as Adonai intended them to."

An with these words, a third of the host rallied to his side.
The Star of morning led them to earth and so they waited.
When the time came, they revealed themselves to mankind
bearing a gift of knowledge and power to aid them in the storm.

The End

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