Spring; Birth of the world

Nera-verse material.

This poem speaks of the origins of the world, talking about the elohim, the true angels of the one god.

This draws a lot of elements from jewish mythology.

In the beginning, all there was, was the one giver
For she was all that was, that is and that would be.
Surrounded by the ones that never should
She could not touch the never should,

So the One Giver spoke; Let there be light.
An so the first came to be, they came an
Elohim they were named, first to become and be.
First of the first borns, the seraph of dawn pushed

Pushed the never would from the ALL.
An so it came to be, what would be called being.
So the first day ended; the finite was beside the infinite,
the un-creation was kept afar from what would become.

The second day dawned an the second ones came.
As the first were of divine power, they were of the air and void.
The first had made boundaries between what is and what was not,
so the second came and made the machine that supported these walls.
Great cosmic mechanic and the laws of existence were their work.

The third day dawned and the third order now was.
The earth and material their dominion was,
an so they made the earth and the spheres of the sky.
Things now stood but motion had yet to come.

So began the fourth day of creation, a new order arose,
They were not of matter but beings of forces and fire,
by their hands, the celestial clockwork began to turn,
beginning the cycle of the universe that would last to the end.

Next came the fifth, following their precursor's steps,
As the fourth made force that moved, they bring their own,
Tides and water came, eroding what was so the new could be.
With them, the world was ready for it's true purpose.

The sixth then came, bringing the next step of being,
Flesh they made and live they gave, to plants and animals.
So no longer was the material all there was.
Now, life had became the dominant power of existence.

Lastly, the seventh day had come, and the last were born.
Their purpose was not one of creation but destruction,
Life they took away so life could become a cycle.
They wept for all that fell but knew their importance.

An so the world was. The Elohim watched above it.
Seven orders had created the cycle of being.

Heralds, were called the first, beings of power.
Fates, was the name of the seconds, angels of the air.
Asura were the third named, creator of the earth.
Ifrits the fourth were called. Dominions of Fire.
Nereids the fifth were. The powers of water.
Annunakis the sixth were called, bringer of life.

Reapers were the last named, takers of life.
All together were called the seven circles,
Elohim, the first angels of the One.

Through their power, The world had become
but the true purpose had yet to begin.
For the One gave his last gift to them;
A gift that would be called Mankind.

The End

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