Beauty of Autumn

After heat like an oven,

Sun shining bright,

The weather of the fall

Seem just right.

Cool and crisp,

Golden and red,

'Snow in the near future,'

Is what the weatherman said.

But just right now

There is a pleasant breeze,

And leaves on the ground,

Up to your knees.

And nothing says beauty,

Like the color of the leaves,

As the wind blows them

Off of the trees.

School is soon,

Though we all dread,

Getting up early,

Leaving our warm beds.

But once you're waiting for the bus,

You can look around,

Know in your heart

The proof of God is found,

Because something as majestic,

As the autumn breeze

Didn't come from nothing,

And surely not with ease.

So take it all in,

With one deep breath,

Before the snow comes

And blankets what's left.

The End

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