This is a cute little poem I wrote while wrote lying in the grass in the sunshine. Just looking around at the world around me and how it changed like us. It's another one of those thoughts that people take for granted. If it wasn't for the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth and the seasons that affect us so, we wouldn't be alive.

Might as well embrace what we've got rather than complain about what we don't.

Leaves fall, colours fly 
February's here, autumn is nigh 

Snow white ground, bare trees 
If you're not careful, you just might freeze 

Flower buds open, winter is over 
Time of the lover, not the loather 

The Summer Sun is up on high 
Without a doubt, it'll catch your eye 

Chilling winds, start to blow 
Ominous clouds, start to show 

Snow is falling, flickering fire 
Hiding from the cold with heavy attire 

Lots of colours, shining bright 
Soft green grass, rays of light 

At the beach, under the sun 
it's far too hot, for a long run 

These are just two years of life 
Season's beauty is joy and strife

The End

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