Searching For That Release

The pain, it builds,

It grows and expands,

It fills me up,

Burns me down.


The pressure builds,

The pain boiling inside,

There is no rest,

There is no escape.


The pressure builds higher,

My body shaking in agony,

My cheeks wet,

My eyes red.


My hands shaking,

Reaching for help,

Searching for a release,

Wanting it to end.


The pain builds to breaking point,

My body can’t handle it,

My soul has crumbled,

I'm nothing but an empty shell.


Cracks start to appear in the shell,

Cracks that ooze out red,

The cracks help release the pressure,

Allow the pain to seep away.


The cracks bring a pain of their own,

A distraction for the mind,

Time for the soul to recover,

Time to patch up and limp on.


My hands shake no more,

My body settles,

My cheeks dry,

My eyes no longer red.


Back to normal,

My eyes hide the pain,

Need to move on,

Keep limping on. 

The End

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