It is a poem about life under the sea. When we run out of clean air to breathe and pleasant scenes out of our windows, we may need to go underground (literally)!! Here is my vivid ideas of how life under in sea would on!!


Life under the sea,

is the vision I see.

In a few centuries from now,

though I don’t know how!


A tower, a stall,

and maybe a castle.

Hopefully, we shall build them all,

 without any hassle.


We can have fish for lunch,

We can have caviar for brunch!

A fine picturesque scenery,

with a lot of greenery.


When land is irrecoverable,

when pollution is irrepressible.

Water will be the only way,

although we may never again see day!


If you can’t swim,

you shall be grim.

Because in water,

there is no other way to tour.


Global warming, makes ice water.

but in here, things can’t get any hotter!

Water, water high and low,

but not a drop to swallow.

When population becomes more,

under-water will be the only open door!

Our chances of survival will become bleak,

unless, of course! we go down deep.


A new world to discover,

new mysteries to uncover.

My new neighbor, a school of fish,

my old neighbor, I shall miss.

The End

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