drifting to the sea to escape pain of modern society

Drifting in a new day,

Then slowly its all washed away,

I wish I could live forever in the sea,

To be caresed by the waves so free,

Swiming with the creatures deep in the blue,

As im encased in the water my life becomes something new,

My thoughts become that of the air,

I have not a single care,

And my heart cast away into the sea,

Is held safely and in solitude by me,

I think of returning to the land as I drift farther away,

But on earths ground I desire not to lay,

For the toxic fumes of mankind I do not crave,

For fear that they shall lead us all to our grave,

So I sit here at the bottom of the sea,

No one here but me,

While you all slit your rist at the first glimpse of pain,

Im down here with not a strain,

Nothing but never ending glee,

Down here at the bottom of the sea

The End

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