You tapped on the window,

                        Late one night,

            We let you in and cared for you,

                                   Till you loved us,

                             You slept,Every night,

                                In the nape of my neck,

                       Soft and fluffy against my head,

                              I loved you and you loved me,

                                 My soft little friend,

                      On whom i could always depend,


                               You grew and grew,

                                 Almost as big as your dad,

                          And certainly as feisty as him too,


                                      We grew a part a little,

                                               But you were still there,

                                  Every weekend,

                                       I saw you one weekend full of life,

                          Sprinting, Jumping catching bugs,

                                        Running around like mad.

                                 Goodbye, scruffy...R.I.P My friend.

The End

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