Each day is a series of moments
Increments of infinite time
That can stretch out to forever
Or disappear in a blaze sublime

Moments coloured by strife
Scarlet with seething anger
Moments of crippling fear
Rife with imminent danger

Moments of charged emotion
That make me love you dearly
Or moments so confusing
That I can't see you clearly

Moments of love and laughter
Soaring with untethered joy
That dissolve without warning
Into intimacies that cloy

Moments of dazzling beauty
Breathtaking to behold
Moments of pure ugliness
That make my blood run cold

Moments of exasperation
Where I just say "screw this
I'm done, I've had enough
I don't want to do this!"

All in and all together
Moments in my life
It's all in who I am -
Friend, sister, wife 


The End

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