I stumbled across this ol' thing and had to post it from all the memories it brought up. I wrote this a couple years ago and submitted it to a poetry contest via The American Library of Poetry. I didn't win but they DID publish it! (:

I am from losing myself in a world of words, trying to escape from my reality.

I am from solitude,

I was (am) never able to completely fit in.

Never being known by none other than myself, I am an unmolded piece of clay.

From pen to paper, I am from spilling out my soul to the trees.

I am from teeth-clenching, knuckle-tightening, insanity-causing, mind-numbing stress,

Weighing on my shoulders like the sky upheld by Atlas.

I am from pushing through thick and thin, never giving up no matter the situation.

“Pain is weakness leaving your body…” a familiar voice echoes in my ear, a statement I take to heart.

I am from sweet kisses ever so gently brushing my lips,

I am from heartbreak and betrayal, the making and breaking of promises.

I am a caterpillar ever-changing in my jaded chrysalis,

Anxious to spread my wings and fly.

I am a grayscale wallflower, an invisible chameleon, able to hide and blend in with ease.

I am from “shut up, bitch!” and “nobody likes you,”

Words that never stop ricocheting through my skull.

I am an uncut diamond in the rough, a hidden treasure waiting for my time to shine

Laying in the warm, familiar arms of the earth in a world of


The End

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