Scott's poem #1

Just a poem for a friend

He is the passion

Making me burn from my heart to my head

You bring me pain with intense desire

An ache that makes me flourish and burn

Make my heart race till it stops

I can’t take this desire you give me

You make me suffocate with your heart gripping me tight

I would love for you to hold me tight till I forever feel you on my skin

Your words as your unsure so sweet as you stop to breath and think

I would love to bring you close and let you see me as my all

You know all that I have and am could easily be yours

Never did I think anyone could touch me like you do

Yet you grabbed my heart like you already knew where it was and took hold in a vice that can’t be broken

I want you to see me everything

All my pain and passion, my competitive nature, my love, I want you to see you

So glorious the way you work and move

I wish I could be as strong and regal while smiling the way you do

I could trust so far and deep that I don’t know where it ends

I want to dig into that guarded heart and take you in

Your addicting like a drug that could kill I know you could destroy me

It just makes it sweeter to put the gun in your hand and let you control what happens

Oh please test me and show me my possibilities make me better

Make me all that I should be

You hold the gun to my heart

Don’t pull the trigger.


The End

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