Scotch Tape And Crafting Paste

A poem I wrote today about a love that is falling apart

Your love was more true

Than an innocent man's plea

Your love was more real

Than the paper holding these words

Your love was mine


But our love was distant

Walls made of time and dust

Formed between us, created by us

You tried to break them down

But they couldn't fall


And so our love was wasted

Two hands fated to never meet

Beyond the walls of time and dust

Your hands are prefectly open

My fists are clenched


Looking through the glass

Hands pressed upon the panes

We watch in silence, each others life

Something tugging at our hearts

But we had to cut the cord


Scotch tape and crafting paste

We try to suture our rips

It's a fragile operation you know

Held together by a hair of hope

But hope springs eternal


The End

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