Schoolgirl Crush

Basically the finally sensical account of an inappropriate yet inevitable crush on someone.

When I first ever set my eyes on Sir,
He looked sweet and pretty shy,
He wasn't necessarily a bundle of nerves,
Just a quiet, gentle, careful sort of guy.

He very rarely actually spoke,
But sat on his own at a desk,
Listening to our current teacher and making notes,
Or grimacing as she shouted about the recent test,

(We all failed 'with flying colours')
I tried to listen, but all the while,
I was becoming transfixed by our soon-to-be cover;
His eyes, his hair, his walk, his smile.

That smile - his white, spirit-level-straight teeth,
Framed by soft-word-speaking lips,
More welcoming than a holly-wreath,
Yet much more tempting than that to kiss.

And those eyes, perfectly spaced apart,
Framed by lashes of which a girl would be proud,
His pupils hard to find, his irises that dark,
His voice a bewitching, musical sound,

And when he took over, I heard it more,
And I looked forward to every lesson so,
Elated as soon as I walked through the door,
And saddened when it was time to go.

Ah, Sir. You don't know how lovely you are,
And while I'd be seeing Heaven if you were mine,
If I were to wish for you on a wishing star,
I'd wish for you and her to be happy 'til the end of time.

It hurts so much that you're leaving at the end of this term,
You're one of the best teachers I've ever had,
Even when there are things left for you to learn,
And you'd be hard-pushed to find a nicer lad.

I know just how brilliant you will be,
And I know you want to better the lives of your students,
Well, you've certainly made an impression on me,
And though my feelings aren't entirely prudent,

Because it would be inappropriate for us to be friends,
Not to mention I'm pretty sure I creep you out,
In this subject, you have helped me no-end,
And beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt,

I'm pretty sure I love you.
Not necessarily in that sense of the word -
Though there's probably a bit of that in there too -
I love you for teaching me the things I have learned,

And for the music you've shared for people to hear,
If anything is ever fair at all,
Your melodic charm will soon grace millions of ears,
People listening to your songs that I adore.

So leave you must, and leave you may,
But I don't think I'll forget you,
And though you'll never think of me again,
I'll be able to say I've met you.

The End

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