see, school these days doesnt seem to have a reason,

im here only because they say i have to be.

and once i get here its all who's with who,

who's wearing what,

im walking that catwalk,

that strutting stuff, 

that mental game shit that dont mean a damn thing.

school these days dont teach me a damn thing i cant learn elsewhere.

all school is, these days, 

is a fucking hunger games where words and looks are weapons that shoot and kill.


school these days only teach me how not to fucking die every goddamn day,

so why am i here?

they dont have education in these walls,

just blood and tears in bathroom stalls ,

random shit on the floor, and people all in my way.

school dont teach much of anything these days.

except that teachers also have wandering eyes,

and roaming hands,

cold on young semi-innocent skin,

and that they have ideas for extra credit for the prettiest of students,

the student willing to do anything for a grade

because they need this, 

need ths school shit to work out,

so they can finally get out of this shithole,

where everyone is a goddamn zombie,

because school dont teach much of anything these days,

except the power of my body on these heart strings,

on the lust filled men and women who need to be teaching me,

so they teach me.

this is the shit i will use in life.

but school dont really teach much else these days other than sex.

The End

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