A dayMature

Well...You have a few new tricks,babes.

Out of breath and just too relax to care she snuggles up to him.A hand that barely moves is trying to caress her bare arm,but soon even that is too much of an effort.

For that matter,you always had new tricks.While I was a bit more naive,soon you took care to remove any hiden inocense I dare to have!

What?! What rubish,pretending to be this pure white male of 34 ? Hey,don`t hit me,you know you only will manage to start this all over again and we need to get up,the clock is about to ring.

She was right,almost 6 am and time to get up and shower and all unecessary ritual of daily moves that he could do without if only his partner wasn`t such a sex devil.

I heard that! She says as her short legs hit the floor on her side of the bed.

Good,you where ment to!Now shoo,go and have a bath,master needs his beauty sleep,monster.

Love you to babes...

The End

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