Waking upMature

You start with a kiss.

It can be given anywhere in the body as long as your lips touch skin the contact is made ,and know you just need one thing .Desire...


The bed sheets had started to loose heat already and our breaths had yet to normalize.our sex life was getting better and better and yet in her head million choices of how to break up this "thing "they had going were making themselfs known.

"Honey ?"

"I am here." See ?So polite! When am I polite in or out of bed ?Hurgh !!!!!!

"You are very quiet.What is wrong,you normally can`t keep quiet at any times." Laughter lingers in the face near mine ,resting on the white pillow.So pretty and masculine at the same time.

"Thinking"I say and allow myself to touch such face,to feel the strenght beneath my fingers as I fell the angles of who he is.

"Just thinking rubish,pay no attention."I lean in to steal a kiss.


In his mind he though this will be the day she breaks up with me,surely by now she can see all this "hard "work at being us is not worth it.

"How did this petite woman started to date me in the first place ?"

And so being quiet about their personal fears they remain in bed cuddling after sex ,not talking...

For now

The End

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