Catman and moiMature

Real life can be so disapointing and then some times it can be just ...Real !!!


Catman has a name in the real world that by agreement i shall not mention here.At least for now that is!

I will behave nicely in this chapter for a difference.I know it  sounds nothing like me ,doesnt it not ?

But when one grows older one reasons with logic and guess what(?) to do what i want all the time is not really important any more,we share things,the good ones and all the rest,we are in a relanshionship and that word almost feels like a swear word to me.

My skin is all bruised(i like it!!),and i am smiling more this days,i also sleep at his house,aldough sleeping maybe be pushing the bar a little bit according to him!!!

We date and we mainly talk,he is there for me when i need him and he listens even when i make no sense,truts me when you speak a language not your one it is bond to happen soon or later.But he cares...

I can`t remenber the time i was in the company of a man who saw me for who i am,trully.

So here is to real life and all that it has to offer.

I am learning that reality has its merits.

By the way Catman name is :Paul Rayner.

Hey ,I can only be so good!!!  lol



The End

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