Pierre and IMature

 Christmas has always been very difficult for  me since  my sons have moved out but this year something changed from the fact I have spend Christmas with my friends and not alone,to the fact I saw and heard my sons,to something more personal.

Which I shall start to describe...

There was once a scene in my mind that played over and over as soon as my head hit the pillow,but i never had anyone brave enough to play it with me,or for me,in me...

Pierre is that man,with him I see myself flying above any restriction I once conceived in life,where structure and paying bills are norm,Pierre  is my abnormal.

"Baby ? Are you there ?"

"Yes,I am "

"Honey,what are you wearing ?" There is a smile and very short boxers looking at me from this small screen that has become my best friend in the last two months.

"Well at least  I am wearing something ! "

"I can see by your erected nipples how my undress code is  disturbing you Carla,so confess baby.What is the outfit for ?"

"Us.Want to play honey ? Have you been a good boy this year ?"

"Oh baby where have you been all my life ?" He laughs as he looks at my entire attire from the red stockings in black stilletos shoes to the open coat that leads to silk in vivid red,a very big contrast with my  white milky skin.

"Care to loose  the coat ?" His hand rests near the keyboard and he smirks at me,an eyebrow up.

"You have been a naughty boy,in fact you are being very naughty right now.I think  you need punishment before being rewarded."

"What do you have in mind ?"His body comes forward in the chair,his face closer to the screen.He is ready.

"Put some cloathes on."

"What ?"

"You heard me and Pierre,bring the box I send you."

"Oh,baby you are looking for your pound of flesh aren`t you ?"

The box I reffer to has a key and a pair of  metal handcuffs,strong ones not the kind you buy at at sex shop for gags,this ones mean business and like anything else I do,I intend to make him sweat for my pleasure and his.

"Baby ?" He has open the  box and is now wearing blue jeans and a cream sweater,his shaved face shows a slight concern and some amusement...

He lifts the handcuffs in front the screen and allows his eyes to do all the talking.

" Put them on."

"Am I taking them of later on ?"


"On ?"The first hancuff closes over his right wrist.

"On how good you follow my orders.Bring the keyboard next to your right hand so you can keep typing in."

He does what he is told.

"The other one ,Pierre or we stop here."

Another click is heard,and now we begin...

He doesn`t talk or  asks what comes next,his eyes follow me as  I let the coat fall in front of me and all that I am wearing comes in view.The sound I hear can be describe as a moan of want and also one questionning himself why he allowed himself to be locked in when he wants to touch himself so much!! "

"Baby,you are so  mean.." But there is no anger at least I don`t think there is.

"Well I haven`t been naughty so I get to use my hands.But I will   allow  you to watch."

He types in." Thank you,mistress." He laughs.I don`t.

"Keep it up and I will blind fold you and then you can only hear.Is that what you want ?"

"No ?? "

But it is plain to see that our next time may involve something darker...Silly man.

Pierre was glad that he was actually uncapable of moving,to see her dressed in a red teddy that showed more than hide her curveous body,it pushed  her already high firm breasts out and you could almost see the darkness of her nipples trought the silky fabric,by then you could almost get distracted with the view beneath her belly,her legs were short for Carla is only small but what a pair of well define tights inside black stockings and to top it all up in a nice little present she had put on her gater bell,man this woman really knew how to kill him slowly,her feet so small rested in shoes better left untold,left to say that her hair was loose and rested on either side of her shoulders, a dark curtain of chocolate colour so rich it could almost pass for black,but her eyes where wiythout a doubt something to stop and admire,green a very bright green that when focus on you all coherent thought was out of the window,sexy his baby was very sexy and her mind wasn`t bad either,he laughs inwardly but the glitter in his eyes must have given him away,because her face was frozen in what he become to associate with "Don`t play with me.",she some times had normally when he was to aroused to pay any attention whatsover apart from the obvious blood rushing to his penis.

"Yes,baby ?" He really tried to keep the laughter out but he failed,miserably.

(to continue)


















The End

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