Turn on the lightsMature

I blindly made my way through my darkened room

Like always I wondered if this was, what it was like to be blind

I stopped short and looked up

I walked into something, someone


You must have known you'd always have my invitation

Your breath is hot on my kneck and lingering there


Perhaps for some sort of hesitation

I worry,

I worry about falling too fast and blurting out the words

So I become mute and silence you with my lips

My tongue brushes against your fangs  and you try to pull back, again

But you can't

You won't tell me why

I am angry now

The intensity of every enotion pushes me forward

so now your up against the wall

Fighting our fears

My breath begins to match yours

There is no unity in this

When you won't savour this

But can you fight the temptation of my closeness

Your hand trails up my arm

And it begins

The fire is ignited and glows from the inside out

The room is set a light


Bring the safety of daylight through and through

In certaintly kiss me

In utter clarity bring me as close as our clothes will allow

Pull and pry at them maddly

Until it's too much

Buttons will fly

Not nearly as fast as the sparks though

Let's catch up

Half dressed and fully aroused

There's no time for nice and slow

I don't want to simmer ,I want to melt

Decant and delicious no matter how we do it

Take me now

Key to lock

The End

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