Sex with PierreMature

"Pierre " My voice is very low and shacking with desire I can see my shallow breaths condense as I speak to the micro on line at msn.

Our sex talks have escalated to the point we now see each other while we touch and so much more.I am hungry his  presence  near me.

We live too apart to be an item but he is more real than any lover I have had in the last 3 years.

From his touch on my body to his words that reach out to my mind and keep me attract it to him,there is the sexy laughter,the caring for his family and kids and above all his capacity to allow me to be myself in and out of sex.

I am playful I am adorable,I am forceful and I am also abiding to his needs.

Clay and the potter may very well be a good way to describe us  so far,where I am the potter and he is clay or viceversa.

Roll play and laugher ,shared talks about my childhood fears and abuse and everything,he knows who I am and he is ok with it,there is no shame in what we do together only sensuality and really good sex.

But I love the most is the fact I can be myself and say all that I need to say when I need to say it.

I see myself drawing my hands to my inner tight,I rest it there I look him in the eye and I see how close he is to breaking point.

I open my legs and I draw his attention to the very spot he is so keen to penetrate.


"Yes ?" I giggle,I stop and I hear him moan.

"Stop teasing..." He is pumping himself quite forcefully and his eagerness makes me want more for myself.

"One or more ?"

"As many as you can take baby..." He grins and looks me in the eye,his hand still at work.

Never breaking the connection I insert one,then another,more and I start to retrieve and to penetrate them ,I increase the tempo,I see him breath grow shallow I can see how turn on he is,I can feel it in myself.

"Now ?"

"Now baby,cum for me..."


I remove my fingers and I bring one by one to my lips,I lick every single drop of pleasure he brought me yet again.

"Sweet lover,very sweet."

"Baby ,you are so sexy..."

"Yeah,so are you...Later ?"

"Yes,later." His hand is looking so good right there still caressing his now spend cock,his sperm is spread on his lower belly and tights,wishing I could be near to taste him,I sign of.Later it will be then,I can barely wait,xmas indeed...

Oh Oh Oh

The End

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