Pierre became a reality when I was barely aware I needed a dream.He is part of my sensual side that stayed dorment since Isra.

I go to sleep naked filled with possibilities of tomorrow and walks on the  wild side.I am still  unaware of how we meet on the internet.

Pierre and his smoothe talk of sex and pillow action,my silk red sheets have seen more action in the last 4 weeks than in the  last 4 years.

And I am constantly smiling,sex  good sex for that matter will do that to you.

But as I let my body rest and I catch my breath I see beyond the now and the face that lies besides me it is not his,but someone elses.


What about Catman ?

Or even Rana ?

No comment ?

I guess Pierre is more real.

No,I know Pierre is more real,and the reality of balance of personal life and the upbringing of Mica and Lucas have finally meet a line that I am confortable with.

Pierre become a solution to a problem I was unaware of having.

But dont tell him that..

Our secret...


The End

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