Carla and Israel (the sequel/part 3)Mature

Between her open legs he felt himself still in face of all the hunger and passion this small women,his wife held in his heart.Her love was everything and so much more,from dawn to dusk,they were trully one.

"Isra." Her pet name for him never cease to cause him to smile,from day one Carla reffuse to acknowledge his stature and height in her world! Where she was concern from the moment their eyes crossed in the middle of the full room in the office he was hers and soon everyone also knew this as a fact.He stop fighting his loosing batle with the small women when he realised that being right all the time was less important than making her smile. And she had this big laughter that filled a room and brighten all around her as an energy power station,his wife was well loved by all who knew her,himself included but he knew she was hiding something,most likely something he would find later on,now her white thights slightly open embraced his own and her raising chest drew his attention once again and his fond memories grew back into space for later inquiring !

"Yes,beloved ?" A kiss was given on her exposed breast and the shivers that runned trough her skin fully aroused his.

"Isra,i have something to tell you." Another kiss is disposed on her skin,so fair and so smoothe he recalled buying her favourite body fragrance for her birthday last xmas and how applying had proved very interesting as the present itself ! He heard her and the slight tremor on the voice was not one of passion,he stilled yet again,passion  refrained when he focus on her lovely face.

"What ? Something serious ? " He felt her regaining  strenght over the passion that moments before had distracted they both.

"Yes and no,not really,not immediatly !"

His patience was quite high where others where concern,why for the life of him his wife seemed the only capable of creating such a devastating fear to his heart still cause him some growing fondness that he masquered by smiling into her green eyes.

"Tell me."

" How do you feel about being not just the two of us any more ?"

Slowly the facts added up in his brain and his look was centered not in the face but in her midrift section. " A baby ? We are pregnant ? "

Shock and hew registered in his face and all his joy for the unborned child showed in the way his hand slowly rested in her flat stomach.

"Yes,our baby in 8 months time."

He rested his arms in each side of her framed body keeping her locked in his own frame." I feel bloody happy,that is how I feel,and fertile."

Her huge laughter ecoed in the room until their lips once again united,and for now the expecting parents put the aspects of procreation yet again to test !

The End

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