Carla and Israel(the sequel-part2)Mature

His mouth lingered on the higher part of her breast and slowly so slowly he planted a kiss there,right where he felt her heart beat,faster and faster as he looked up and left his hand where his mouth had been.

"Nervous ?" The taunting smile always made her want to make him suffer!

"No.Excited." Her hands brough his face down to reach her lips.

"Where is my kiss ?" Laughter and joy of knowing ones true value when love and sex  are  involved.The two where a unity,one.


"Here.It is right here,wife."

And the hunger took place because lets face it !

We are talking us here,food is being able to feast in your body.To cleanse my thirst is to connect my mouth to your body and drink from your lips.To be trully alive is to enter you !...

"Honey,you talk too much."



"Master ?!"

"Well,I thought you above anyone else would appreciate the irony."

"I do.Maybe it is time to show you where is your wright full place,woman." And he picked her up.

"Should I be afraid ?" Mocking is statement.

"Of course.Are you ?" Laughter in the way  his eyes caressed her with longing,with love,like searching for food to eat.



"Yes ?"

"I do surrender."

That stopped him."What ?"

"Why ?" Suspicion where she was concerned always had served him right in the past,his wife sense of humour was well known!

"Why ?Because I want to."

"Nah.I don`t buy it.Spell,what have you done now?"

"Honey your suspicious mind his spoiling the mood." Her bare breasts where push against his chest and momentarily is attention was shattered.

"Stop distracting me.Stay still.And talk."

"Is it my fault I am like this ?" Drawing his attention to her bare breasts once again,and he couldn`t really recall why it was important to make her talk.

"No,it is mine.We will talk latter."

"Now there are other more pressing issues we should attend to."

"Pressing issues ?" And her tights fell open when he landed her softly onto the bed allowing him to rest between them.

"Yes,I can feel it is a pressing matter." Laughter and so much her!

"Can you,now ?" He raised what was left of her dress up her white thights and looked at the wonder that was her body.He felt possesive,almost a caveman in the way that he wanted her never to show herself like that again to other`s eyes not his own.But he didn`t say is thoughts out loud,instead he let his body show her his affection.For her,always her.

A kiss that t lead to another and a trail of discovery is made to the center of her body where he wanted to bury so deep....

The End

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