Carla and Israel (The sequel-part one)Mature

Why do I keep bringing us together ?

Because even here in fiction you are a very hard act to follow,my love.

So let the clothes fade away and lets  fuck.

Shall we ?

She is back.


This is where the earth meets the Sun and where all of the mortals that exist in real live prosper  in their sad existence.

This  is dream land and here everyone is God.

Well,maybe not everyone!Carla is more like the Devil herself...

Or she just like to think she is..................

Anyway when we see what she is up to we understand better of what she is made of.

Her entire figure is only cover by the minim of clothing and he really deslike to see her undress like this!Her body alone displayed in all its allure was for his eyes only!...


Her laughter was heard as soon as his voice ecoed throught the large empty walls."Yes,my Lord ?" Mockery implied in every word.

"Go and change.Mother will be here soon."

"Really ?Is that today ?I had forgoten." Her face said exactly the opposite as the front door opened and her mother-in-law entered the room.

Too late now...Not that she had any intention of doing so anyway,but he didn`t need to know that.

"Dress as a women of vulgar taste again I see,dear.Really my son should ask me to guide you in the choice of your future wardrobe."

"Well,he never complains when he takes it off."All innocense she said as she offered her cheek for a kiss.

You could actually see the face going red."Really!Do you ever censor your thoughts prior saying what you have to say ?"

"No.Why,do you think I should ?"

Her husband tried to keep a strait face but the fact his mother was being drawn in an argument with his wife was something he should avoid if they wanted to finish this party whithout any blood shed.Later he would talk to her about diplomacy and its benefits and just know it wouldn`t really matter to her,she never intendent to make peace with his mother or the reverse.

"Ladies,we are expected.Shall we?"

And so the night began...

Later when all had gone to their homes and only the two of them remain,he said."Lovely dress!What is left of it."

"Do,you like it ?"

"Do I like it ?Maybe,what are you wearing under it ?"


"I am so glad you didn`t tell my mother that or she would have had a heart attack." And his hands became busy claiming her body closer to his and they roamed through her body searching for shape of any underwear,found none and his pressure raise fast as well as the hunger for her.


"Yeah.Very.Kiss me."

"I can do better than that."

"Can you ? And what would that be ?"


His hands pulled her dress down and left her breasts showing.

"And then I can also do this."

And his mouth..........................

The End

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