Israel e CarlaMature

Since the first  time our eyes connected I stopped being one and become us.

Unity is the only word that I think when trying to explain what we were and what I think in some ways we still are.

If the circunstances had been diferent would we be still together ?

There is no point looking back in the past and wishing for changes that will not come to pass.When we said goodbye it wasn`t until we meet again.It was definite and two lifes that revolved around each other forever roam in diferents countries.

You are home.I live in Britain.

I never go back home,you never came here.We trully said goodbye,but today this is us in words spoken spoken soflty and let loose in the wind that blows your way.

This is for what could have been.

This is also and mainly because it is the only way,I can still be with you...


"Isn`t not our aniversary so why the surprise ?"

"Do I need a special occasion to tell my  wife that I love her ?"

"What have you done now ?" The raise eyebrow and the mocking expression will be the only tell that says she isn`t remotly worried about the way he did this.As her eyes take in the hole picture of what he had done with a few hours and a credit card.

"What no expensive gifts ?"

"Keep it up,and you may just have that pat in the derriere you been asking for." He was so awesome,so strong,so hers.

"Promises.Promises.That is all I get these days.With your schedule and mine it is a miracle we even make it to the same bed these days." She picked a strawberry from the plate in the table and gave him a bite to share.

"M-m.Taste better when I eat from your mouth."

"Liar."But she let him kiss her anyway.

"Are you almost finish with the research?When do you go to prints ?"

"There is one more person I need to interview,but I should have something for you by the end of tomrrow.Why,are you concern about  the deadline ?When have I have failed you ?"

"Well,personally or professionally ?" She was siting on his lap while they slowly tasted the food left laid by the waiters half and hour before,on his lunch hour he had came out with this idea for a night out.And after a few minutes on the phone he booked their favourite suite in a friends hotel.They weren`t going to go home tonight.

"What ?You jest ? While siting on my lap,while I am busy feeding you ?Have you no shame woman ?"

"Were you are concern ?No,husband.I have not." But as their eyes met there was love,so much trust there you knew they were a team.

A unity.Always.

"Hey.Do you ever think I fail you,when I am too busy searching for new stories ?" There was some concern while he waited for her answer.He new how focus he was while working,but he never thought that she felt neglected in any way.

"Honey.It is who you are.I wouldn`t change anything in you.Besides we are very alike,you and I.Why do you think I married you ?"

"Because I asked ?"

There was a slap on his side as his words where spoken.As his arms kept her still he asked. "Why did you ?"

"Asking myself the same question right now."

"Seriously,Carla.Why ?"

"Israel,why do you think ?Love,you big mutt.Love.And of course,sex."

"You have such a foul mouth sometimes,wife."

"Really ??What would you changed about me,then ?" Her hands were busy caressing his hair.He kept it long enough so it curl around the neck.She loved to run her finmgers trought.She had said once when they laid in bed talking before letting sleep claimed them.He remenbered and since them he let it grow.

Little things,like she always made sure there was the kind of beer he like in the chiller,and if he wasn`t home on time for dinner is plate was always made and waiting for him to re-heat it. Little things that made a couple.A marriage. Them...

"Well.You are wearing far too many clothes for once."

As his mouth descend it on hers....

The End

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