She is in love and frighten to bits...Oh,my my the webs we create...Mature

Her body rested against the very used sheets.

Her breath was almost back to normal.Cass really felt like a million dollars.

Why she would think in dollars and not pounds are quite a puzzle.But still,here we are faced with the fact she is in love!

Cass opened her eyes and saw him.

His eyes where centered on her face,while his body was still on top of hers,still inside of hers.


He says.Grinning.


"So,formal now you have what you wanted it ?"

He teases.

"You are getting heavier by the minute.Move."

She claims put as he rolls over in the bed,she is the one who lands on top of him now.She doesn`t complain.

"Too heavy now ?That was not a problem 5 minutes ago?!"

His hands are roaming down her spine,and her purrs of contentment send new rushes of desire trough is body.He had just had her and was still hungry.Ravenous in fact.

"5 minutes ago you where fucking me.Weight was the least on my mind."

Her lips where busy kissing his chest,licking the combination of sweat and his own body odour.A powerfull appeal to her senses.

He was hummie...

She could be seen as rude and very frontal.But the truth was that Cass was just herself.No hold backs or lies.If she liked you she made sure you would now.And she was faithful.

What more could you ask ?


His tone made her head raise from his chest and she gave him her full attention.

"Yes ?"

"I love you."

That stopped her.

In fact if you knew Cass,you may even say her heart skipped a beat or two.


"I love you too."


The rest is just for us two.

The End

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