Silence and then not silenceMature

Sex as a way of clouding judgment on your senses.Because in sex when all you can experience is the here and now.It leaves very little room for what is next ?



      by   Cass


There is a place after you reach that place better known as nirvana or little heaven that brings you to this place where the only comunication between two bodies is silence.

It is heavy in its meaning and quite unpleasant sometimes.Others times when you know the person well enough it is nice enough.

Degrees of knowledge will predict how you will behave in such occasions.

But all this ranting tells you not that prior to the silence in this bed the two where otherwise occupied with the matters of the flesh and they where very important indeed.One could say that was all that matter,but we know better don`t we ?

After all we are talking about her here,and aldough sex can be very nice it shall not occupy her mind all the time,she needs nurishment for her brain and soul alike.

And obviously the one that rests next to her in bed naked needs to know this by now.He is no fool !

"You are very quiet.What is on your mind ?" He asks.the body is content,the person is inquisitive about the one laying next to him.He wanted to know her better,not really knowing why it matter in the first place.

"Things.Random things."

"Like what ?"And know he stood up in order to rest is back against the head board and put a pillow behind his back and waited for anything.Something.

"Like why are you here ?Who are you ?How they make coca-cola ?You know important stuff..."She remained horizontal and her eyes where closed,put the attention waiting for the answer was all there.

"How they make coke?No idea,we may to look that one up.The first two you may have to open your eyes and look at me for the answer if you are really that interested."

She sat next to him,not sharing pillows but next to each other.

"My eyes are open.Talk."

"You are so bossy somethimes.I wonder why i like you in the first place ?!"

"The sex maybe ?"The repply came very short and almost violently.

"There is that of course,but not only.You know better than that.Why the questionning ?Why now ?What is really anoying you ?"He asked as if he really cared.

"Too much,too soon.You see way too much.It makes me vulnerable and insecure.I don`t like that.I prefer to know the why and then i can deal with it."

"You really like me don`t you ?I suspected as much."He has a grin face to face and she couldn`t refrain from hitting him just then.

Why was he so proud of it ?It was nothing to be happy about.

"Hey.I am not making fun of you.I am just saying that you put this walll to keep everyone away and with me you can`t and that scares you,but you are still here.So,my question is what are you going to do about it ?Run or stay and see ?"

They stared at each other.The silence grew.It expanded.

She finally spoke."I don`t know.I haven`t felt like this in a long time.I really don`t Know."Her eyes where shadowed and shown pain and fear.

He wished he could promised all would turned out ok,but in life there are no reasurences of such thing.The best they could hope for was to be truthful with each other and keep it that way for as long as they care for each other.He told her this while making her come and seat on his lap.

His arms surronded her,it kept doubts about the future abay and it also provided with confort that become something else when he lift her face to his and gently kissed her lips.

"We are here now.Tomorrow will come soon enough.We will worry about it when it happens.Ok ?"And kissed her doubts away.

In the room there was no longer silence....

The End

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