A Sex DisplayMature

We all now sex starts as a form of let someone know you are into them but when does sex stop and life as a couple takes place ?

Thus love get involve ?Thus laughter ?

What about trust ?


 A Sex Display




Her back was turn towards him.Her hands where against the wall.He has asked in a sweet voice that lacked no strenght on the demand itself.

"Be a good girl and stay still.There..."His hands where busy feeling her body,shapping ,caressing.

His mouth was kissing her neck.And she was hanging to the wall like the floor was nowhere to be found.

She trusted him with her body.But her mind ?...

His hands reached the curve of her waist and he lift the soft material that covered her back.She wasn`t wearing anything underneath her dress.Above or bellow her waist.

His breath come out in shallow puffs..."Cass..."

Her face changed angles so she could see his face.

Passion.Desire.Lust and what else ?

"Yes ?"Laughter bubled out of those green eyes....

She put everything she was in display when she wanted to say something.And here now the message was clear and loud.

"I like you."That was all,no inner meanings or agendas.With her what you see is what you get,no lies...

"Cass..."A question that is better remain unanswered unless you are him...

And yet she stays glued to the wall feeling her body demands,but she remains there until he brings his body closer to hers.

Until he allows his mouth to kiss to come down so they kiss each other.

Until the hunger once again takes precedent over finesse and they both take each piece of cloth with an urgency that speaks louder than words.

He pulls her up and lets her legs surrond his hips.

He fucks her now.Not fast or slow.He just wants to drown in what she brings here to them,herself.Him...

He pull out.His mouth is still kissing her but now he stops and that makes her look in his eyes.

That question again.And she says one word..."Yes,i do."

"I know.I already knew."And he brings his mouth down on her again to silence his name being said out loud...

The End

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