I want youMature

Since she wasn`t sure how long she  would but  away from here she decided to leave him a very specif message,so this is for you Kevin...

My red man of fire and lust...


In the bedroom two people laid on the floor.He had started their sex story,she had been asleep when he first brought her to this complete mind blowing orgasm,but as soon as their bodies had met.

Where they connected,pussy to cock.She was very aware of who was in her bed for that matter in her body.

Her body was spread on top of his bigger frame,a smile was plasted on her face and with whatever strenght still present in her she dragged herself up within his upper body and put her face in frame with his.

"Nice.Feeling horny where we?Was that why i got woken up in such a delightfull way,Big Red?

Big Red?She really had a way with words...Lol..."Yes and no.I may just got this sudden desire to taste a little bit of heaven and since you where the most near female body i thought to myself why not?!"He waited for the slap,that he knew he was going to get.

When he didn`t felt anything he looked surprisiling in her eyes and saw the laughter there."Don`t even think about it.Carla,don`t even think about it.Terrible woman.I am exaust here.Leave me alone."But there was no real fire behind his words.

"So,you are saying i can persuade you to change your mind?We both know that is a lie.Why don`t you tell Him that,it seems it wants to come and play with me..."And just to proof a point and because she loved the sounds he made when he was turned on she let her body slay on his from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.Like a snake she let herself rubb against his own body and let the fire come once again to life.

Her own troath was making purring sounds her lips already busy tasting his skin next to his chin.

His breath a wisper away from her busy mouth that now was nibbling his earlobe.

"Cass..."His voice came out as a half request half just come here where i can kiss you woman!...

When his hand brought her head closer to his so their lips could connect she let him know how much this was for us as well as it was for him.Her lips kissed,they craved his unique taste.That sparkle of life in herself that only a good lover can create.Her Big Red man surely could kiss.Not to mention his other talents those lips had."Kevin.I thought this was my turn,to seduce?"Her lips firmly remove from his and she  stood an inch away without breaking eye contact.

"Woman!You shall be the death of me,one of this days.Fine.But i reserve the wright to intervene at any time i feel the need to.Ok?!"He tried to stop his body from coming so soon.He tried to think of something not arousing but with her body naked on top of his and her lips travelling a path only she knew where it would lead was causing him major distraction.

"Yes.The woman shall be the death of him.He could tell.But he would die a very satisfied man."And that made him smile and sigh.But then his body contracted not in pain but in sudden alert on what she was doing to Him."Sweet Mary mother of God!"And his body reacted very strogly to what her mouth was doing."Cass.Woman...Don`t stop..."His hips trusting himself deapper inside her mouth, making her take him all  in.

Her mouth tasted him giving back the pleasure he had woken her up with.This need to please her man,to soothe his aching starved body,to provide with release was in her mind.This was for him,and him alone.Her pleasure came from knowing how much he was enjoying what she was doing...

His body wanted to let go but his mind wanted her with him when he came.He wanted to be inside her.His hands where not gentle when he pushed her away from him or when they position her just there for him to ram in.

The first trust inside her pussy made him want to slow down but his body and hers where having none of that nonsense!

They drove inside and out of each others bodies in a frenzy of lust and a need to possess,to claim.

His hands firmly hold her hips against his own as she pushed herself down on him and he in return push hers up.His mouth seek her breast out.He let his tongue wet her nipple drawing it inside his mouth and only then did he started to suck on it.

"Kevin..."Her body was in so much pleasure she was sure she could die from sheer pleasure alone and yet she wanted more.She wanted all.

She drew his mouth out of her breast and brought his lips to her,she craved to kiss him.

He let her pulled him away from her breast,his hands had her where he wanted her  and their mouths devoured each other as theirs bodies kept consuming each others passion.

He felt her walls contract him in,she was so close and for that matter so was he.He pushed the pounding inside faster and faster while his mouth drinked her moans of pleasure.

When she let herself go she was not quiet,but every single scream was engolfed by his lips,like nectar they travel down his troath and feed the beast that was inside his chest,his body still penetrating her at a very violent trust he let himself empty inside her.

His body tremble on top of her now,he hadn`t even notice when she had become trapped by his body.He started to lift himself up,but her small hands soon put a stop to any movements he mite be considering."Stay.You are not that heavy."And she snuggled closer to his heart beat.

He didn`t separate the two bodies but he turned himself around and let hers rest on top of him once again.

"Remind me again.Who seduced who just then?!"Her exausted voice said before she closed her eyes.

He pulled her body even closer and let his lips kiss her on those warm lips once more before she let herself go under the spell of sleep.Very softly he answered her."We both did honey.We both did."And closed his eyes.Work  or anything less pressing could wait until next day.For now he was exacly where he wanted to be...

The End

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