Sex with LoveMature

In the dark all cats are the same.Is the following the same saying  that all the men taste the same?!

Read and find for yourself...


  Sex with Love

The evening had started like any others with the promise of another tedious affair.She could really due with some silence and her writing,she felt so disconnected from all this bourjoir life...

The show was a sucess,her paintings where being sold like water and she couldn`t be more unhappy.Money isn`t everything.

It can not provide you with a kind word or a kiss when you really need,so she twisted her glass around without drinking and looked at the painted that had a sign saying reserved.She had put it there.The painting belonged to them alone.It was meant to be for so much more...

It was so private the emotion displayed.Of two lovers in the throw of passion...She hadn`t seen him in a long time or for that matter speak to him.In this days and ages of global comunication they where being both stubborn.Too proud to say i am sorry first.I have missed you...

Her soul was here on display.Her love well imprinted in bold colours.He always said she was no tame girl.God,how she missed him.The shape of his body,the taste of his lips.The quick humour that shinned throught his eyes when he thought she wasn`t paying attention.Since he had left she had lost not only a lover as well as her best friend.

Her bed was cold this days.

The drink was completely forgotten by now.

A waiter passed by."A refill?"And presented her with  a flute to her now empty hand.

"Thank you.Yes,i think i shall."

She let the cool bevarage soothe her thirst.She would stay for a few more minutes and then excuse herself politely.

At the door a new arrival made a  stir.Whoever had arrived must be of some importance.Good she thought,now was the time to go.

But as all the people parted to give way to the new arrival makes his way to the painting,she new that idea was trully but to bed.

(Sorry for the pun!)

He hadn`t changed a bit.In fact he seem bigger than life istelf as if this few weeks apart had done him good.The sorry piss of shi^.

The quick response her body was having was not missed by his eyes.He saw the flush that appeared in the face, the quick intake of breath as if in promise of what could happen,and most of all he saw she had missed him.Good,he had hopped she had been miserable for the time they had been apart.If not for knowing she would be here he might have come knocking down her door more than once in the past few weeks,but then he had been too angry to see things clearly.Now that his anger had subside a bit he could see she hadn`t been ready then .Most likely where never going to be.

And that was when he knew that having her in his life was better than not having her even  if it meant only for a little while.

There was once a saying that went like this ."Love makes fools of all of us.But those who are in love can`t see the diference anyway."He had been such a fool,not anymore.

He was standing in front of their painting.He remenber well,the memories came flashing back...

...She had been quite busy the last few weeks prior to any major event,but this time he had made sure she stopped to sleep and eat.Leave alone to her she would remain awake for the intire amount of time it took to finish all the small details. She was busy now mixing paints.

After a night of love and plenty of sex,he felt suprisingly quite awake and for what it seem so did she.Her hair was tied at the top of her head by any means necessary.Just to keep out of her beautiful eyes.She always complainned it came in the way,and one day she would shopped all of.But it had taken just one word of him stating how much he loved the feel of it on his chest when she fall asleep on top of him for her to change her mind.That day she had started the painting,of them...

His memories put aside for a moment he looked at them together forever capture by her talent alone.It was plain for those who saw it,there was love here.True love.

She remain quite and it took great effort not to ask,to indeed demand to know why.Why today of all days he had choose to come forward when all her calls and messages had come back unanswered.After a while she undustood he need time and space,from her.But for how long?...

His face turn away from the painting now,it rested on her face.Out of this mouth she knew as hers come one sentence only."Do you have an answer for me yet?"

...All this time she didn`t know for sure what it would be.But as if by sheer force alone her lips parted and she heard herself say.


Eyes lock together.Lust.Trust.Desire.Want.Love.

A lifetime of passion and fights,but one thing we know it is Sex with Love.

The painting had a new tag underneath the next day at the galary.It read,the painter gave the following in exchange for an "I do."We wish them well...

The End

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