For you aloneMature

Thus a word spoken out of turn makes you sad ?

Is every single feeling we once had forever more existent in my memories than sweet reality ?Where do you end and I beguin?


In the reality that makes us walk this land,I have yet to discover a body so well in tune with mine.But,for what is required today being in tune is not a priority on my list.

To absent friends and fellow bed friends I raise my glass and search for the next victim.That is until my eyes rest on him.

He seats alone not really touching his drink or even attempting to make an effort to pretent he is listenning to this beautiful girl trying to make herself available to him tonight.It is clear his mind is nowhere near this place of lost souls.

She sighs and redirects her steps.

"Hey,honey."His eyes lift up and clear of the sheer misery there in recognisation of who had just arrived.

A friend at last."Cass.What brought you here?"

"A cab.You ?"She said picking up his glass and taking a zip.Beer of course,the big idiot!

"Funny.A cab?I didn`t want to be alone tonight."His face said it all really,not that she was waiting for another answer,her friend had been for lack of a better word to dercribe him ,moody lately.In fact one could say he had been miserable for quite some time.

But,tonight she refuse to see him drown his sorrow in liquor once again or in strangers bodies.

"Come and dance with me,please?"The tune slow down to allow couples to close the deal for the night,the hour was late and most of them where drunk enough not to really look in the face of their partners of choice,what was really a good thing considering some faces...

He lift himself."Excuse me ,laddies?"And made his way with her to the dance floor.His frame so much bigger than hers and yet they moved as one,fluent in each other movements like a dance of wits of some sort.They were friends first,lovers second...

"Planning on taking any of them home with you tonight ?Is it that bad?"She asks.

"Maybe.It thus prevent me to keep asking the same question over and over again in my head.And it is a diversion of some sort,sometimes even a good one."But he knew the real question she had just asked,she was concern and it showed.He had been a bit lost lately,maybe the only light that really shown in his life lately had been her?!...

He rested his head on top of hers,and danced in silence.

"Don`t.Be with me instead?"Her eyes keept his prisoner in the moment."Ok,i will come with you."

They resume dancing...

The End

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