Valentine`s sex appealMature

A word of advice to those wicket of heart,Don`t read the following without speaking to your G.P first...


On the hunt for sex,she was the queen,the suprem ruller amongs us all.

Did she have a particular pray in mind today in Valentines Day ?

Perhaps,but as we set foot in her world we see only the hunger under the breath she expires,the call for something far more precious than food to the human body .She craves an orgasm...

And we all know how demanding she can be,do we not ?!

Her hips sway to a tune that says"Come and be my Valentine..."There is some humour in the fact her mouth is up in a pout as we read this lines.She is not know for her soft heart as well as for her controlled trusts.

It is almost night time and we glimpse a look of semi interest in her features.The guy is staring at her as if all his prays are answered in one,poor fool.,Maybe we should warn him,and on the other hand we can see by the lust present in his iris it would not do us any good or that he would listen.

Mate,you are lucky if all she takes tonight is a piece of you...

She was restless.For almost a full month she denied herself and then for whatever reason she come across the calendar.The date really piss her off."Already,shit."It was with some violence she ripped the sheet down and throw it in the bin.Tonight,her wait would end...

Her mind fully focused in the face before her,he had aproached her while she stood there remenbering.

"Hi  ,would you like a drink ?"His face was so eager to please,that she decided there and then this one wasn`t the one,too soft.

The back of her neck started to give her signs of distress,like she was being looked at.Considering her attire that left pretty much all the male population in this club.But,something felt familiar in the attention being given to her.

She turn slowly in order to allow her to read the situation well.And her face shown for the first time tonight some sign of emotion.Him ?Here?

What,where the odds?Million to one ?Mayber more ?

In any case,if she wanted a mighty fuck.He  was the one.

Maybe even the only one.Which piss her off even more,but didn`t prevent her steps to take her in his direction,she heard Kings of Leon playing on the speakers in the club.Blasting out loud"Sex on fire",and she could not prevent the smile...

Face to face none spoke,he look yummie in black attire and that face was so intend on her that he missed the decision that she had just made.In fact if you had to make a wild guest we all could see where this was going.Lust was always a major fact when man and woman choose their sleeping partners in this case,this two knew each other too well,being the fact they had been together for centuries.

" Cass"


He always smiled when she made that word sound like a swear one,his wife was still very much piss off,he saw.But,that would not make any diference.Today he refuse to sit back and watch her fuck around,if she toke anyone home tonight it would be him warming her sheets.

She had forgoten how beautiful he really was,or maybe if she was being honest with herself she prefered not to remenber...But,tonight she would put all rivalries aside and just concentrate on the pleasure he was capable of giving her.Only him.The truth was that since they had parted ways,aldought other men had shared her body,her heart had been frozen.Waiting for it righfull owner.Him,her husband.

She extend her hand.Palm up and waited for his.

He looked down on her small hand and ponder.Would tonight be all?And tomorrow ?What about tomorrow and the days there after ?Would they be apart again?

But as all this thoughts crossed his mind he knew he was going home with her and the questions could wait until he was fully buried inside her,in fact it could wait forever...He rested his hand on hers and dragged her out.

It toke them little time to get back to her loft downtown,and less than a heart beat to put the keys in and close reality behind them.Together at last.

He knew the decision to put the world away from them tonight had come from both and yet he could not resist to go and put their music on.

She stood there proud in her posture,seeing him.

But as soon as the first notes are heard,she tensed.Bastard...

Her anger is short lived as he walks back into her embrace,both hands get hold of her hair,they fell the silky texture and his eyes are centered in hers."Cass,we will need to talk.When this is over."

She wanted his mouth on her,badly."You,talk too much.Lover."And she toke the first dip at his gorgeous mouth,his taste was exquisite,like a good Merlot that ages with time and refines its taste,her husband kisses where divine..."Mmm"

She always had been short on patience,he thought as her kiss drew in under,talk could be overrated anyway.

His hands got busy revealing the body that  he once cherished so much.A breast was uncovered to his ungry mouth and her breath stopped for a second in rapture of so much pleasure.

She wanted their clothes gone,his body on her,in hers.Now.

But,he seem to have other ideas as her thoughts are said out loud."Patience,my dear.Why the rush?"And he smiled,and he kissed and he teased,and he push a finger into her and then two ,and then he toke her under and his body completly cover hers.His thighs pressed hers apart,his mouth was on her neck gently bitting,her mouth was open taking in as much oxigen as she could but the room seem to be lacking in...

His hands found once again her breast,they felt them.He had missed how his hands fully cover all of her breast,how her nipples where so sensative to touch,his and how she seem to go inside herself everytime his mouth sucked on her.Like now.The sweets sounds she made when she was about to come,and all his desire to keep them going was left behind as he feels her surrond his cock that penatrates her.In and out of this thight channel that had his name imprinted in pleasure."Mine"He says,as he feels her walls closing him in,she is so eager to let him know what she wants,how she wants it.

"Faster,please"Her face is enclosed by her humid hair.He grabs hold of her lips and with a more violent trust brings them home to a powerfull orgasm...

They kiss.

They rest,their bodies still united,soulds merged once again.

The End

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