Into you...(part 4)Mature

In the bedroom two bodies who have yet to feel flesh surronding each other are spend in bed.

"You came.Why ?"

In her eyes he saw doubt,maybe even more than that.But how to explain he really couldn`t  keep away,and he had tried.It seemed only right to be here naked with her,so he tried to put into words exacly this...

"Would you rather i be in someone elses bed ?"

" If that is how you feel, yes.Be here in mind as well as body, or not at all."

Her eyes are shadowed,but he could hear the honesty in the words spoken,she refuse to share.Cass,was no push over that much he already knew,his hand where still absent minded rooming her back.

"No,i am fine here." His hand touched her ass,and slowly he put her in the bed and looked down on her,a question formed in his lips and got out before he could think it through."Are you thinking of someone else instead of me ?Who is in this bed besides us ?Nicholas?"

He shouldn`t feel possessive and yet to even consider thinking that it may be his body who showed her a good time ,but it was someone else who kept hold of her thoughts,did not sit well with him.

Nicholas ?She couldn`t remenber the last time she even spend any time thinking about him,not since...No,he was not part of her life.Not in that way.He remained a friend,only that.But when she looked into is face she thought about everything she knew about this man who was here naked in her bed.About who he was in love with and his question kinda put her in a foul mood.

" If there is three in this bed,i am not the one bringing them in.Am i ?"

Her body still open in the bed before him,but you could tell she was no longer control by passion.Nor was he.He knew of who she refered to,relanshionships are always complicated,but Cass had a way with words that for someone who did not speak English as her first language,she got sometimes  certain things strait on.

Damn, woman..."Yes,i do think you may be right.There are not only us two here.But i am still here.Is that not enough ?"

His body no longer pressed her down.He hold himself on both arms over her body and waited for an answer.He would not justify himself.

She thought it through prior to his arrival,she didn`t like what was happening to really care for him would be openning herself to disapointment,so only one question was really need it here."Yes,it is enough."

Kev,had no idea what had just happen,but somehow he knew that he hadn`t wan  this talk,he may still have acess to her body,but somehow he knew she had just closed a door to who she was to him...

It was with some anger that sex happen for the first time between them.

The End

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