In the dark...Mature

The truth is always simple enough,and sometimes it is complicated enough.This was a mixture of both,the people in it where responsable for one mistake alone,they started to care about each other,and in their profession it required that neither felt any feelings towards each other apart from the coupling that was required by the contract in order to guaranty the sucefull outcome,a baby.

But then,humans are always so easy to mess with are they not ?

And so our story begins.


In the room one figure almost lost in the darkness of the bedroom is still felt by him,her smell a constant imprint in his brain.In the vacuum that was his current existence when he was not with here,his days filled only for this these hours where he could touch her,feel her body against his own,when he could seek her skin with hands that lately started to tremble when shoothing her cries with his lips.He had started to feel too much, and now time was running low on both, soon test would be done,and if she wasn`t pregnant by then,another man would be paired with her, the survival of the species where more important than a mere feeling of what he wasn`t really sure it fel like his heart stopped to beat when she came near him, and yet his pulse raced.His eyes showed signs of arousal,but he would be content to just hold her.


She knew the second he entered the room,she had  news to share with him this morning her body felt somehow diferent,as if  her body tried to tell her that she had been sucefull in the act of becoming  pregnant,but she said nothing.She kept as well silent when he pulled her against him and kiss his way down her face,she knew they didn`t need to become intimate in order to accomplish what she already knew to be a fact,but her lips took a life of their own and kissed them back with an intend to shoothe and make love,not continue the race.She somehow remenber reading once that the feeling she was experience was once called Love ?But,they knew better surely; they where one couple of the  many with a single purpose; to once again populate the earth,in the present year 2346 the human race was quite scarce and with only a mere 100 of them left; all life was precious they had not the privilige as their forefathers of falling in love,but has her heart started to  beat at a very rapid pace and her palms started to sweat she stopped thinking and let herself go...


Sometimes humans are so easy....


The author finish putting the last words in...

The End

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