Sex II ...Mature

What did she wanted ?

Trully wanted ?

His mouth on hers for a start,would suffice,his hands on her breast next,and the rest she would play by ear,but know a hunger that had been part of her for a while since he had left the house took precedent on cutting his balls off...


His breath was done in shallow and rapid breaths,the allure of her in front of him ready for pretty much anything an aphrodisiac in itself and yet it was essentially just the fact...that it was her,just her..Here wanting him,fighting to have him...that was the turn on.


He pulled her in,and ripped her shirt apart,her gasp was silenced by his mouth,any doubts he  had about her desire died in the kiss.The remains of her shirt loose between them as the kiss went on  to a contest between two tongues that knew each other well enough.

" Bastard" She said when regaining her breath.

" Your bastard,honey.Don`t ever forget that..." His mouth search hers again and again as hands didn`t stop tearing clothes apart,until both bodies were unclothed and she could be raised by him,her legs getting a firm grip around his waist,and the feel of the first penetration is trully felt inside her...


He was so right...He was hers...

The End

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