The body count is quite hight if you stop to pay attention she doesn`t ,her purpose here is to go in and get him out...


The party had taken a turn for the down bizarre, no longer the seventies and yet tonight for whatever reason everyone seemed to leave their morals and home and just picked whoever they fancied (sometimes not even that ),and just fucked.Over and over again,he had asked her to come out with him.She said no.Piss off he had made his way here and now nursing a stale beer in his hands he looked down on the girls hair that was currently sucking him off,he really didn`t give a fuck ! She manage to spoil even this for him ! BITCH !


She stopped at the entrance of the room after being welcome in by the host one of their mutual friends she got told where to find him.She didn`t have to look very far,his hight and posture seemed to call her even from the other side of the room.

The asshole,that was her first thought when seeing who he was with,a complete stranger to her,not that it matter.She was still going to cut his balls off !.........


Something must have caught his eye because all of the suden it didn`t matter how harder the bitch was trying he couldn`t come.And then his eyes saw her.Well .well,now were going somewhere...


Two ,three steps and she is in front of him.

"Care,to tell her to move or should i just do it myself ?"

The reason why he smiled may have elluded her,but from his point of view it was good to know that she didn`t like to see him with anyone else,so : " I am not finish, yet."

Absolute bastard.,she barely contain herself from removing the smile from his face with a scratch ot two..." Really,maybe i can be of assistance ?" Her hand was at the back of the girls head even before she registered what she was doing.


She landed on her bottom,and looked up to the couple who weren`t paying her any attention.She decided to look for someone else,not worth the trouble.Besides,the girl had murder writen in her eyes and no fuck was worth getting beating up for...


Face to face,he had his zipper stilll open,showing signs that he was getting more and more excited.

She didn`t faltered her look from his eyes and yet she could smell the fact he was aroused,that made her even more mad!


" So,what brought you here?"

" You,did."Whatever tought had cross her mind when she had entered the house fanished as the need to have him took place.She wanted to fuck him senseless,later she could cut his ball off.Much later.

He could see by the light shinning in her iris that she had changed her mind,not that he wouldn`t pay,but for now she wanted something else...

The End

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