On the brick of a new year...Mature

From the bathroom to the bedroom , a walk that  took less than 3 metres but it seemed to take days...

On her body the sense of well spend hours of discovery and laughter. The smell of both of them still lingered on herself as she opened her eyes, and slowly brought her hand to the face lying next to her.

The first , the second, the third , the forth, all thru this days he had been so much more than she expected, and she had some expectations where he was concerned, of friendship and just not this...

She didn`t even knew what this was but since that night a week ago she hadn`t really tought much as she had felt.

The man had some stamina, and ideas but above all he was kinda  suprising in a good way.

A hand that fells the body that she had kissed and played with, that she had welcomed within herself not long ago, she was exausted and yet she felt so alive, like she could put the computer on and post like H... on fire, on the other hand with such company maybe the posting of stories could wait.

She got up and collecting the robe discarded on the floor she goes to the window and takes the phone with her .

She dials room service and waits for the call to be put thru.

" Good evening, room service how can i be of assistance ?"

" Happy new year to you also , can i have two beers delivered to the suite 105 , please. And whatever you still have available to eat at this hour. Charge to the room, thank you..."

As she puts the phone down , a smile is present in her eyes she knows he will like the beer detail. Outside the window she can see the blinking lights, she knows the air is quite cold aldough she can`t feel from here, and she closes her eyes and thinks of a wish on this night of all nigths.

A presence behind her back , arms that had pullled her in so many times, hands that had touch, a body now know to her as much as her self, the eyes stay close, as he asks.

" Was that for me ? "

" Wich one? The beer or the wish ? "

" Both ? "

Lips that are already roaming near her neck, before she goes under the spell of sex, she answer...

" Yes. "

" Humm..."

The End

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