A christmas special...Mature

On a night like this you want to spend with someone special.

 That was the reason behind the booking of the suite, the extras and very naughty toughts, for Kevin alone she would make it saucy...


The water had stop running she had left specific instructions on the front desk, a key to be given on arrival and a card that read :

"I am already wet , and waiting..."

As i said very naughty toughts.

One person walks through the lobby, he looks fine.

"I believe you have an envelope for me. The name is Kev..."

As the envelope passes hands the guy at the desk says under breath,"...Lucky bastard..."

Kevin hears and laughs , he was. As he reads what she had wrote. Cass, so horny !...

There is a foil wrap on his left pocket, he could not wait to put it on, as the numbers flash through , he wonders how does she look, and will she be disappointed on his  ?...

All the sensual writing back and forth was one thing and yet fucking a complete stranger seemed more at ease than this, Cass was no stranger. She was herself.

The door.

 A key , and he is in.

The sounds coming from the bathroom somehow turn him on, knowing she is already there..

A shadow was at the door.

Before looking up from the bathtub, Cass tought about what they were about to do even if just for one night, this was something else, not just sex, no more and yet . How to put it ?

It was Kev, he had been seducing her for some time, and quite honestly she could not wait to see him naked.

In fact she could barely countain herself from having him inside her, the first time would be over before it even started, fuck.

The first ? Make that the second and third as well, he had been a fucking tease, and know she did look up, and she smiled, a smile has old as time, and she waited to see what he would do.

Her lips parted, a pink tongue wet the bottom lip.

Oh, yes, she like what she saw.

Kev entered the room , in the water a small figure all at ease aldought  she was naked in front of him, and she did not know him and yet this felt familiar, maybe because they pretty much did this on line, today on Christmas Eve , face to face body to body all seemed real enough.

Breasts that filled more than a handeful, white skin that covered her intire body and hair the colour of  dark chocolate, he felt hungry for more.He wanted to see the rest that the water caressed, he wanted to part her tights and plunge him no words , just fuck her.

He liked what he saw, his hand already taking clothes of, and she did not speak, unsual but the eyes , those green eyes she had made mention before they were very eloquent, they spoke loud and clear, they said come here, Kev, or made she had spoke after all ? He could not really concentrade, his pants where on the bathroom floor and the boxers as well, finally.

In the water , Cass could barely control her laugh, and she tought this was going to be strange ? It was Kev, she couldn`t care less. This man she already knew, so she stood up and let the water fall.

His eyes followed the pattern a single drop of water left on her skin, from the neck down to the top of her breast, he wished his hand was there, to the dark nipple that was erected ,his mouth was open, to the navel his fingertips were eager to press against to the center of her pleasure, he really need to get in the tub or he was going to embarass himself.

A small hand came to rest on his chest and her face closed  in on his . One word was spoken, and he finally knew how she sound .


Lips that touched his, and he said to himself , fuck this. 

Next time i will go slow, he put his arms around her, lift her up from the water and took her to the counter top in front of the mirrors, his legs in between her own and the kiss let to touch, the talk that never acurred led her to bring her arms around his neck , her hands on his air, so soft .

They both stopted the kiss at the same time, a question , an answer in each others eyes . Hers,"... Condom ?..."

His,"...Next time we go slow, ok ?..."

A packet open, hands not so steady putting it on, and the fact that they were one, now.

Cass all around him, from her wet body to her breath mixed with his, so good.

Kev inside her, this man that filled her , surronded her with his smell and all that was him, so good.

For a first time she tought before letting everything go it was fucking great !!!

And Christams Eve had just begun....

As she eyes are still closed , he his still inside her, as she says this words that put a different kind a smile on his face.

   Merry Christmas ,

                                    Kevin, from   Cass

The End

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