No one here...Mature

As a christmas present this maybe need a wrap, a red ribbon perhaps ?

So she changed the title a bit and the setting and she made this instead :


Once upon a time man and woman were created.

And from that moment on caos rulled the world, the end...


I know it is diferent from before i guess somethings are better left unwriten... And in my case i normally have a change of heart.

So it is still a story to you alone,so lets see....


If places are made of this and scenes of seduction are present in mind alone,does my ink becane reality ?

In either case the man and woman started to talk to each because they share a common love, writing.

And it toke them both here were sex is a constant, so why not write something that include both of them, maybe a side by side story, as in:  horny and alone for christmas ?

She tought the scene had some merit and then she posted it and then... Well then she went home and a next day arrived  and with that came all the silly questions like ?


So she went back in and changed the setting and the story ,but still this is a long way to say :

Merry  Christmas,


                                          from   me....

The End

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