Before Sunrise...Mature

I woke up feeling the touch of cold metal on my breast

I woke up with a smile as you draped a silver chain on my nipple

and then slowy in my palm

I look at the long silver chain and the tiny charm

Tiny bronzed baby shoes

I kissed you softly reverently

You sort of chuckle and say your welcome

Then you kiss me deeper bolder

Make me even more thankful

Make me puddy in your hands

Oh please take those hands and trail them down

Just like that


His hands move from breasts

To my belly

His hands land there for awhile

We get high on nostalgia

And remeber when it just was you and me...

I drape the necklace over my distended belly

and you scoop it up

You turn me over

Brush away my hair and make room for your hands and then you snap on my new bling bling

Your hands linger on my back

And On the curves I didn't think I had anymore

I feel so free

I feel so sexy

Like I could do anything, say anything

And you wouldn't even blink would you?

The End

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