Because i do give a f...Mature

Even as the first man  walks towards her she pays him no attention , she goes back inside herself to the place that brought this rage, the need to be violated on.The place were her soul is so dark it requires an absurd amount of light to even shinne a small amount of light.She knew if she had asked him to hit her he would have done ,even hurt her bad .But she didn`t even considered that option.Maybe becuse he was getting too close to see the real her, she wanted him to see this,the filth,the despair ,the capacity to be ultimely just nothing.

He puts is hand on her shirt just beneath her breast , the heart beat is steady no fear or desire pushing this one, and he wonders. Why? But before he as a chance to take it further the door is kicked open and the man who had just walked out , comes back in.

"...Get out both off you. Now ..."

 They were two and yet they could see this one would go down fighthing and no woman was worth it, not even after all this months in here.So they said nothing , they looked at each other and walked out, leaving her to face a very angry man, her lover.

"....If you wanted to break up, there are more civilize ways to do this, fucking me behind my back at work is not one of them..."

No shouthing , a very reasonable tone is used and yet you could tell he was spoiled for a fight.

Fine she tought,take my toys away. You will do.

"....Do i give a fuck ?..."

Maybe it had been the words or the distant attitude or maybe it was because he obviously cared and she could not have made it more plain to see that she didn`t .In either case he moved fast enough to block any reaction from her and crushed  her against the wall, strenght enough to hurt, not enough that it would  bruise.

Maybe she would get what she had been looking after all.The tought linger in her shattered brain long enough before the pain set in,that would hurt in the morning was her last coherent tought before his lips descende on hers.

They tooke without asking , invanding and drawing the response he knew he get, she liked him enough to fuck , it was there in the way she had open her mouth,in the way she lean in,her breath more agitated,her heart raising,she was in. And he was out.

He takes is mouth away,his hands drop to the sides of his body and he just stands there.

No words, no questions. Nothing

She realises something this is the end,after today he would go.No man his prepare to share,she looks down and waits for some sign,the clock keeps ticking no one had bother to stop it,and now it really did not matter at all.


"....What ?..."

"...Whatever you had planned with this we are not thru.Get this on your tick skull there is nothing you can do that will make me go away.Nothing,so leave it alone Cass, i am here for the long run, get use to it, and if it is pain you are looking for . Let me know,it can be arranged.."

He can see the answer in my eyes,the iris is almost all he can see,she is in.And so is he.

As she accepts that some things can never change this much she knows,this one maybe be the One.She allows him to take her out of here.Together they walk out, the clock keeps on ticking...

That night after servicing them both(she had been out for blood tonight,his back still burning from the marks she had left there in the throws of passion, the love bites and the not so light bites-yes she had been out for blood tonight).For which reason he did not know, but he knew that he would not allow her to push him away.

He sees her sleep,his arms are around her.

 She seeks him out in her sleep,more at ease.

His Cass,the fighter.

God,if he was not in love alredy,today had show him that he no longer control his heart.

The End

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