Who gives a f.....Mature

In one of those destructive moods, so this came out...


Play scenario :


-anything can be use...

So lets see .


I put myself in here by choice. So let the pain begin.

The spoils of a society where you don`t expect to find the most caring people in the world, that is the seldom reason for this fantasy. Where what i seek comes in one word only.  Pain

Where a body can be use time and time again without request .

Do i want to do this ?



There are two men in this one, one is tall and strong enough  that he seems capable of breaking me in two . The second not british, of smaller heigth this one looks meanner. These two will do, i ask for a private questioning room with the cameras on, a turn on knowing that this humiliation is going to be seen and use in future to wank off.

I am already in the room when they are brought in, i can see by their cocky posture they have been told in advance my purpose here, and they are gagging for it.

Men are all the same ,even here in a confined place sex is all they think about.

The smaller one aproaches me first , with eye contact he seems to want to ask something but he doesn`t know if it will put me off , so he says nothing.

Since they are waiting for a sign from me  i decide to make their life and mine easier.

" ... Both at the same time, either way  i demand only this , i need pain as long it is not centered in the face we are good and one thing no more than one hour , the camera stays on and when i leave the tape is mine to do what i want with it, if you agree there is a paper on the table, sign and a police officer will come and get it , if you don`t sign we all walk out ,  now. You have 5 minutes to decide...."

It takes less than a second for them to walk to the table pick the pen up and sign.

The door opens,  a man walks in , he looks at me  gets the paper and walks out , in his eyes a very cold look .

There will be some talking when i get home latter on.

The clock starts at one , lets the pain beguin...


The End

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