Of laughter and sex...Mature

As a scene of seduction one starts with people, and then the scenary . Throw in a few words and it may if you are me and in this case i am , have a good ending...

   So lets see, once upon a time... Just kidding...


I put the book aside the radio is still on, my face turns on the pillow sleep is very far away from this bed, i could not be more bored.

Hugh, i scream silently ( i don`t want to wake up the neighbours),it is almost five am, put today i am not working, first day out in two weeks, and i don`t even feel tired, my brain must work at a diferent time zone than normal human beings or i am just really horny...

Most likely the second, i remenber Kevin post and i think why not...

As my hand goes down i stop. I recall he may read this words soon enough and one does not masturbate using a fellow portagonize author without asking first, it is only polite...

I can almost see Kevin eyes openning as he reads this words. Wait , there the smile of ..." Blimey, cass..." I am only jocking.

Put you have to admit that for a second there i had you going:

"... what is she doing now ?..."

I am writing a chapter of sex and laugther that involves two people me and you , that are currently reading this  post.

Do i have your attention ?

Good, now think back . When was the last time you felt alive ?

That long ? Is that the reason you are currently reading instead of fucking the person of your dreams ?

Then my friend, here is the best piece of advice comming from these lips that have been around, stop reading. Right now.

Go and find the other  part of yourself and let nature take its course.

There, you have not stop reading yet ?


I guess we could go back to me using ....

The End

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