Wild night ( and ending)...Mature

I guess if there is an introduction to these chapters of pure indulgence, a possible one is that i require you not to read or add  to it.  Please don`t if the purpose is either be shocked or disgusted, i am myself in all i do in or out of the bedroom and i have never felt dirty about it so as an explanation this one is long enough and since i am about to be fucked , pardon me if i pay you not the due respects...




My back is against the wall, i can feel its smooth surface cooling down my skin. It only arouses more, i crave being bad ...

Tonight  as most nights since i have became a woman in charge of my sexuality i know what i like, and tonight is no diferent . You me and sex.

 No  excuses. No, i will not call you when this is over. I need not a lie. I demand of you only this, and darling pay attention. 

I don`t like to repeat myself.

"...This here, now is only what it is , no more or less than sex.Don`t grow attached, i could not care less of who you are.I want this, you in me , notting else..."

Even as I speak i can see the light going off in your eyes. Why do all the man i am or have been involve in the past expect more ?

Is pleasure not enough ? Is being trully fucked not enough ?

Do i need to give my heart as well ?

My toughts are not put out there, I am against a wall, I have you in between my legs. You.  About to fuck me.

Who cares for words ?

My lips , your toungue, a duel in itself for that place we reach together .

There is only one thing wrong with this scenario. I am done, i have come, can you please leave.

 The bitch is truly back.


As the car drives off, Carla reaches for a picture that always stays in front of her dressing table, in it there are two boys, her sons. She puts the picture down, lets the water run for a bath and sighs...

 There would be use for him in the future there are always ghosts to put to sleep..

The End

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